Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wasted Moments Lost in Time

If I peeled back my skin and could show you my insides would you recognize me? 
Would you even second guess your opinion of me? 
There is more to these walls than I like to explain.
 I can no longer be what anyone wants me to be. 
So if you want me, you need to understand that I am not what you want me to be. 
Nor will I ask you to be what you are not.

Can you show me who you are? 
Would you even know how? 
My time is too precious to be wasted, this life is too short to dwell on the impossible. 
Your actions account for everything feeling. 
But what happened to your words.. 
they mean something in my mind.
Stuck on this track.. 
It may be early but can we meet where our souls are showing?

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

As this pain swells up again,
I can't stop the plunge.
This slithering through my veins,
Trying to attack my heart.
Seizing up with tears I cannot help.
I feel so cold,
No one to save me again.

If only I could save myself,
I dont have the strength.

My heart aches so terribly.
I love to be lonely,
when there is no one to help.
A vicious cycle keeps repeating itself.
Alone, Alone,
Where I put myself from time to time.
I am given no other alternative than this,
As I bury these feelings again..
I will pretend I am okay, once again.