Friday, January 18, 2013

She Is A Fickle Bitch

The sea comes crashing onto the pier of my life. She seems so sweet and calming most of the time, although lately she has been nothing but rough on me.

Melancholy tastes sting my mouth as I take a drag of my cigarette. Where do you run when you know all your problems are of your own doing? I cannot place blame elsewhere for I know it all starts with my ability to breathe and cope. Everything in this life is in wax and wane with us. We create it all. So why is it, that even though I try so hard to stay in the sun... the dark finds me? They say without struggle there is no gain. Is that really universal? I just would like to think that even for a short amount of time in a persons life that that would fade. Are all those moments wasted on childhood? We must truly be damned to suffer throughout our whole lives. To think, that with all the struggling that some people go through... some never get out. Will I ever get an end? This life is meant to be a learning experience of course, but where's my easy street? I guess I need to find something that cannot be damaged by anything to take joy from when the rest of my world is chaos.