Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do me no harm

Do me no harm, I have become so numb to it.
It’s no wonder why I am this way.
Pain runs deep, my blood boils and rots my thoughts.
I can’t even look at any situation without this disease overwhelming my brain.
and the people I know and lost, only feed this jaded state.
Happiness shows up once in a while, only to get ambushed and carried into my dreams.
I can fake it, I can hide this devouring sickness.
Keep that forced smile shining.
I promise I will only ever bring you down.
I am the shit the flies swarm around.
You try to understand, I wont give you a starting point.
I want to show you my anger.
Can you lend an ear?
To listen to all my shit.
Can I staple up your mouth?
I would like to have a turn.
My dear, my words will make you recoil.
Run and hide cause I don’t want to hear your judgement.
I would rather you die than to listen to you act like you have a clue.
You cant fix me so dont fucking try.
And your god he hates my very exsistance.
so why shouldnt you?
I may be acting like I care about what you’re saying.
But I stopped caring when you did.
I choose to be so hidden behind these walls.
You only think of me as having an egotistical mind.
So run and hide.
I dont think you could understand me.
It may be too late for me, Save yourself.
I am already dead.
I don’t want pity it will make me want to puke.
You’re fucking lies I see right through.
Just me in my mind & the soul I keep alive.

The truth or lies. Do you not understand?

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