Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am awoken from a deep state of sleep and sit up. The forest outside my window is calling me. Curious, I get out of my bed and slowly approach the forest. Slightly scared and excited I wander into the mist the further I walk the more my body is entangled in bliss. My senses are filled with feelings of knowledge and strength. I fall to my knees, and the wind picks me up off of the ground. I fumble for the earth beneath me, but nothing is found. I search for an explanation for this phenomenon. The wind picks up once more and I am swept quickly through the mist towards a blinding light. This cannot be the end, am I dead? I finally break through the mist and I am astonished. Before my eyes is something I never could have imagined. A beauty beyond my own comprehension.... Love flows through my veins for this wondrous sight. Where am I and what brought me here? Once more a gush pushes me, but this time to the ground where I softly place my feet. Overwhelming comfort surrounds me, and I finally know I found where I belong. I close my eyes and let out a pleased sigh as a phoenix flies overhead and the warm sun smiles down on me.

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