Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Time Passed

You took all you could from me,
Leeching on and enveloping my soul,
What I kept true was what I buried deep inside.

You hoped that I would stay the person you created,
I can tell you now,
You never fucking knew me at all,
You only reap what you sow,
These feelings I have held in too long,
No one to utter them to,
Now its my turn.

You didn’t leave me in ruin,
Despite those mind games and the thousands of tears I wasted,
I wouldn’t let it end that way,
So I can admit I took my revenge,
If I was not the one to teach you the consequence that you deserved,

No one else would.

I found myself that summer after you went,
Even after all those crying calls and the suicide threats,
You thought you could get me back with your sick tactics,
Only to blow up in your face.

You broke my spirit,
Just like a majestic mustang in the plains,
Beaten and bruised,
I came to an end,
A decision all my own,
Deal with what you instilled in me,
Or leave you behind and become better and strong again.

What did you expect me to do?
You acted as if I was the bad one.
Time and time again,
Guilted me into pity,
You tell everyone your side of the story,
Do they believe that I am a bad person?
How could they know otherwise.

You were in the beginning the way you made me after this game,
Heartless and tyrannical,
Now I can see the stupidity on my part,
I was young and stupid,
And you were jaded and needed a rebound.

I just hope you realize,

This was never meant to work out.

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